Simple NPCs is a very easy customizable framework to create your own in-game characters or objects with an advanced dialogue system. With this frame work you can modify your server and make it look unique, by populating it with a lot of non-player characters that you can speak to. With your creativity this addon can be the most powerful tool for adding more roleplay to your server.


  • In-game standalone setup menu to setup your own NPC and a dialogue (No Lua knowledge required)
  • Ability to save and load npc templates
  • Simple config to setup
  • Step by step setup documentation
  • Nice typewriter text effect
  • No extra content required
  • An option to add sound effect to a dialogue
  • Ability to animate NPCs
  • Ability to change menu design
  • Multi map spawns
  • Any gamemode support
  • Native support for russian text
  • Native support for some addons (see "Supported addons" tab)
  • Simple NPC table structure, that will allow you to customize your NPC even further, or edit it fast and easy (Basic Lua knowledge required)
  • Simple addon structure, so you can modify it for your server very fast and easy (Advanced Lua knowledge required)


Using Simple NPCs you can access menus from other addons that are supported

List of supported addons (more to come):


If your server runs CyberHUD you will have and extra theme option, and npc's name tab will redesign


What updates will receive this addon in future?

Future updates will feature free DLCs, that will include nice interface designs.

Can I integrate an NPC from other addon(s), that simply opens a menu, to this framework?

Yes. To do it by yourself, you gonna need some basic LUA knowledge for this. See Advanced setup documentation for more. I already support some addons (see "Supported addons" tab) that you can assess, if your server uses them, and there more addons to come.

Can I get free support with integration of an addon that is not supported?

Yes, I will provide free support through gmodstore's ticket system, unless your addons uses too complex system that will take a lot of time.

I am an addon owner and I want, you to add native support of my addon. Is it posseble?

Yes, I am glad to add support, even if your addon is still in development.

What I can do with this framework if I don't know LUA at all?

Following step by step guide, you can create NPC that will introduce your server and its features to the new players . Or you can create a "FAQ" NPC that will answer a lot of roleplay or technical questions to the players. You also can create readable books or posters (as shown in media section), only limitation in this, is the creativity

Where I can find the content for the Simple NPCs?

Here, but it will be downloaded automatically throw the worckshopdl, so you can be free from reuploading it.