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Introducing to you - the McPhone. You have seen it somewhere before, and now you can experience it one more time on your DarkRP server. This phone will bring a lot of new game experience and unique roleplay features to your server!

Our main goal was to create a simple to use, customize, and configure phone, with a lot of unique and advanced features. This is the first gmodstore addon that allows you to control your phone on a go! You do not need to stop and navigate your phone through the UI, which you still can use, if you want, now you can use your mouse or a keyboard to take a call, text, and much more.




Fast UI navigation. You can open and navigate your phone without using the mouse cursor or by using mouse and keyboard buttons. This will allow you to use your phone while you still can interact with the game. Phone can be navigated with a cursor, which gives you an advantage in some cases (such as number typing and so on), The controls are easy to remember, and they can be easily customized that brings us to the next feature.

Customization. Phone can be customized in 4 ways. There is 7 theme presets, that will allow you to change the color of the UI and phone. 17 wallpaper presets and 9 ringtone variations. Also, you will be able to customize key bindings to navigate your phone.

Phone variations. Aside from the phone customization, you can give players an option to choose between 3 types of phones, which are McPhone (default one), Badger, and Bloom phone, all featuring a unique main menu and look.

Phone drop system. With some easy configuring you can enable the ability for players to drop their phones. This feature is required if you want to give players the ability to change phone types. Also with this feature enabled you can set whether or not players should spawn with phones, or you want players to buy phones from a shop. This feature will add much more roleplay ability to the server.

3D model. While the player uses his phone, the other players can see him holding it! This feature can be necessary in a lot of RP cases. And of course, everybody will see your epic phone theme :)

Language control. For now, we have these languages supported: English (default), Russian, French, German, Polish, Danish, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish. But it is simple enough to add your own language.

Easy configuration. As well, as easy and fast user customization, this addon has an in-game configuration menu. You can enable or disable needed features without opening a single lua file. But optionally you can configure this addon through lua config, and prevent in-game configurations.

GPS system. As an alternative to minimaps and other navigation systems, this addon features GPS system markers. The player can easily navigate through the map by these markers, and you can easily set up markers that will show players NPC locations, important for RP buildings (such as police department, city hole, etc), and more.

Calls and contacts. As the main function for all phones, you can call and speak to other players. As a server owner you can choose in config whether a player can see and call all players from the contact list, or players must give each other numbers to call. The number will be added to your contact list when a new player calls you, or you call a new number. Then you can easily call the added number through your contact list.

Sleep mode. You can always enable sleep mode in your settings. By enabling it, you will not receive any calls, but you will still receive text messages.

Text. Same way as to call you can text players. Just choose a player from your contacts and send a message. You also will have a message history that you can read and delete.

Email adverts. As an alternative to advert systems, you can send an advert email to all players. A great way to make good deals and tell everyone that your shop has sales! As a server owner, you can set a fee for sending these messages.

Camera. Just a simple camera that allows you to take a screenshot without any UI elements. As a server owner, you can add a watermark on the screen.

Default logging system. We added a default DarRP logging system to help admins track calls, SMS, and email adverts by console logs. Also, you can use Billy's Log system if you own one.




To install this addon to your server just unzip it to your garrysmod/addons folder. The main configuration can be done through the game. Just open your phone (by pressing the UP key or Middle mouse button) navigate to Settings > Advanced > Server settings. Only users with superadmin privileges can access the server settings. You also can block access to the configuration menu by editing the config manually.

Content will download automatically, but here is a workshop addon if you need it:


Ingame user config:

Ingame server config: